Ford GT40

The Ford GT is one of the most iconic cars in automotive history. Originally designed in the 1960s as a challenger to Ferrari’s dominance in endurance racing, the GT went on to become a legend in its own right. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the history and legacy of the original Ford GT.


In the early 1960s, Henry Ford II wanted to bring Ford Motor Company to the forefront of international endurance racing. He saw an opportunity to do so by challenging Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, one of the most prestigious endurance races in the world. Ford enlisted the help of Carroll Shelby, a former racing driver and accomplished car designer, to create a car that could beat Ferrari.

The result was the Ford GT40, a low-slung, mid-engined race car that was built to compete at Le Mans. The GT40’s first outing at Le Mans in 1964 was a disaster, with all three cars failing to finish. However, Ford was determined to succeed and continued to develop the GT40 over the next few years.

In 1966, Ford finally achieved its goal, with the GT40 taking the top three spots at Le Mans. This was the first time an American car had won the race, and it marked the beginning of a dominant era for Ford at Le Mans.


The original Ford GT40 is widely regarded as one of the greatest race cars of all time. It not only beat Ferrari at Le Mans but also went on to win the race four years in a row, from 1966 to 1969. The GT40’s success at Le Mans helped to establish Ford as a serious player in the world of motorsports and cemented its place in automotive history.

Beyond its racing success, the GT40 was also an engineering marvel. It featured advanced aerodynamics and a powerful V8 engine that produced over 400 horsepower. The car’s low-slung, muscular design made it an instant classic and has inspired countless sports cars and supercars since.

Today, original GT40s are highly sought after by collectors and can fetch millions of dollars at auction. Ford has also released several modern versions of the GT, including the GT500 and the GT supercar, which pay homage to the original GT40 while incorporating modern technology and design.


The original Ford GT40 is a true legend in automotive history. It was a triumph of engineering and design that helped to establish Ford as a serious player in motorsports and paved the way for countless sports cars and supercars to come. Whether you’re a fan of racing or simply appreciate automotive history, the Ford GT40 is a car that deserves your respect and admiration.